8th Light is led by curious and experienced industry professionals, and powered by a global team of innovative developers, designers, and technologists. Together, we partner with clients to craft software solutions that unlock a wide range of opportunities.

Jenny Farver Headshot

Jenny Farver

Chief Executive Officer

Jenny Farver is 8th Light’s CEO. She joined 8th Light as co-CEO alongside founder Paul Pagel in 2020. Prior to that she served on 8th Light’s Board of Directors and has been a CTO or VP of Engineering at several Chicago tech startups.

Paul Pagel Headshot

Paul Pagel

President and Founder

Paul Pagel founded 8th Light in 2006, and has been a driving force in the software development community ever since. He has grown 8th Light from a small consultancy into a brand that is recognized by software developers worldwide.

Kate Hamilton Headshot

Kate Hamilton

Vice President of Growth Marketing

As a trained storyteller and creator, Kate Hamilton serves as 8th Light’s Vice President of Growth Marketing. Kate specializes in developing compelling content, integrating and applying digital marketing solutions, and engaging B2B and B2C audiences with strategies and content that resonates.

Rich Feller Headshot

Rich Feller

Vice President of Client Service

Rich Feller has spent his career in IT leading and developing technology teams. His expertise in driving business and technology transformation serves him well as 8th Light’s Vice President of Client Service.

Stacey Richey Headshot

Stacey Richey

Vice President of People

For over 18 years, Stacey has built teams for international tech companies. Stacey takes a data-driven and heart-led approach to people operations that balances rapid scaling with retention. 

Brad Ediger Headshot

Brad Ediger

Head of Technology

A staple in the Chicago tech scene since 2005, Brad Ediger serves as our Head of Technology with a focus on growing 8th Light's profile as a software consultancy. He joined 8th Light in 2019 when he merged his independent consultancy with the company.

Jon Wettersten Headshot

Jon Wettersten

Head of Design

Jon Wettersten serves as 8th Light’s Head of Design, leading 8th Light’s design strategy and overseeing 8th Light’s design team and capabilities.

Kristin Kaeding Headshot

Kristin Kaeding

Head of Delivery

Serving as Head of Delivery, Kristin Kaeding is an experienced technology professional who delivers high-quality software solutions in a wide range of technologies, industries, and countries. Throughout her career, Kristin has consulted on and delivered solutions that span from education technology to web applications for clients and nonprofits.

Pia Opulencia Headshot

Pia Opulencia

Head of Product

Pia Opulencia has been a product executive at multiple technology companies and has taught Product Management for AI at Northwestern Kellogg University's MBA in AI program. With more than 15 years of experience working with teams and companies of all sizes, Pia specializes in creating valuable, tech-forward products and the operating systems for the teams that build them.

Kevin Kotowski Headshot

Kevin Kotowski

Executive Consultant

Kevin Kotowski has been a driving force in software development across a wide range of industries and roles for more than 25 years. Currently serving as 8th Light's Executive Consultant, Kevin partners with clients as a successful advisor rooted in his fundamental belief that people are happier when their work is connected to their organization's vision in an authentic way.

Amanda Graham Headshot

Amanda Graham

Senior Director, Strategic Solutions

As an experienced software consultant, Amanda Graham has built a number of organizations from the ground up and helped numerous companies leverage technology and deliver stellar customer-focused programs.

Ryan Verner Headshot

Ryan Verner

Director of Key Initiatives

Ryan Verner is a passionate software craftsman who enjoys the way software allows him to learn new things every day and share that knowledge with others. As 8th Light’s Director of Key Initiatives, he directs and oversees the company’s modern apprenticeship program, helping developers learn new skills and adopt disciplined workflows that produce higher quality software products.

Camille Shrouder-Henry Headshot

Camille Shrouder-Henry

Director of Talent Acquisition

As a dedicated and skilled leader with recruitment experience in corporate, startup, and consultancy environments, Camille Shrouder-Henry serves as 8th Light’s Director of Talent Acquisition. Her smart and analytical nature, attention to detail, and innovative recruitment strategies make her an all-star in finding great talent in a competitive labor market.

Doug Gapinski Headshot

Doug Gapinski

Account Director

With over a decade of experience as a team lead and project manager, Doug Gapinski is a Seattle-based Account Director managing long-term product builds with volatile scope. He advocates for quality, transparency, and a shared understanding of project constraints while applying agile methodologies across decentralized teams.

Steve Hennegan Headshot

Steve Hennegan

Account Director

As a dedicated sales leader, Steve Hennegan has a successful track record selling software solutions to a wide range of organizations. With a focus on solution/consultative selling approaches, Steve develops long-term partnerships with his clients where he drives revenue by solving complex technical challenges.

Mike Danaher Headshot

Mike Danaher

Project Director

As an experienced team leader, Mike Danaher has helped deliver and maintain high-quality software solutions during long-term engagements in government, travel, medical, and non-profit industries.

Nick Dyer Headshot

Nick Dyer

Project Director

Nick Dyer is an experienced software professional with more than a decade of experience managing multidisciplinary teams and delivering high-quality technical products. Nick serves as a project director, bringing a passion for building high-performing teams and growing technical careers.

Nisha D'Amico Headshot

Nisha D'Amico

Project Director

Nisha D’Amico is an accomplished leader with a diverse background in software engineering, sales, and product management. With a passion for innovation and a strategic mindset, Nisha has a proven track record of success in leading teams and driving growth.

Tom Kowal Headshot

Tom Kowal

Project Director

Tom Kowal joined 8th Light as a software crafter in 2014 and has since grown into a project director who consistently delivers high-quality software solutions in a wide range of languages, frameworks, and technologies.


Fred Lee (Board Chair)

CTO, PartsSource Inc.

Brad Ediger

Head of Technology, 8th Light

Carl Erickson

Executive Chairman and Founder, Atomic Object

Tari Haro

Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Erie Street

Chris McGowan

Partner, CJM Ventures / Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Paul Pagel

President and Founder, 8th Light