Ryan Verner

Ryan Verner

Director of Key Initiatives

Ryan Verner is a passionate software craftsman who enjoys the way software allows him to learn new things every day and share that knowledge with others. As 8th Light’s Director of Key Initiatives, he directs and oversees the company’s modern apprenticeship program, helping developers learn new skills and adopt disciplined workflows that produce higher quality software products.

Throughout his career as a consultant, Ryan has overseen large-scale, organizational changes that break down communication barriers, eliminate bottlenecks, and arrive at holistic software solutions that incorporate feedback from various stakeholders. He has helped teams refactor and build flexible and robust software products using Ruby, JavaScript, Clojure, Objective-C, and more.

In 2017, Ryan co-founded the Weirich Institute of Software in an effort to help other businesses around the world take advantage of the same type of extended training initiatives. As part of the institute, Ryan helped put together workshops and custom training programs for our clients, and has helped several of them implement their own versions of our modern apprenticeship program, with curricula tailored to their product.

A graduate of Ohio University, Ryan earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in Marketing and Sports Management with a minor in psychology.