Kickoff Your Software Career with an Industry-leading Apprenticeship Program

The 8th Light Apprenticeship Program has been the spark of our success since day one. Since 2006, we have cultivated the next generation of software professionals by prioritizing curiosity and creativity over credentials. We identify curious problem solvers and avid learners excited to unlock their potential.

From self-taught coders to junior developers looking to grow their skills and career changers, apprentices enter the program at various experience levels, numerous professional backgrounds, and with a myriad of personal passions and interests. Our emphasis on continual learning and collaboration builds multidisciplinary teams.

This apprenticeship is a great fit for people early in their software careers, and applicants have either attended a code school, taken programming courses, formally studied computer science, or are self-taught. Sign up for our Talent Community newsletter to find out about upcoming apprenticeship cohorts, and hear about upcoming events.

Hiring Update

At 8th Light, we hire apprentices in cohorts. At the moment, we have concluded our hiring process for the year. We are thrilled each year to bring on as many Apprentices as our business allows.

Your continued interest in the apprenticeship program is encouraged however we may not be able to respond to inquiries about the program. To obtain ongoing updates, be sure you're signed up to our Talent Community Newsletter, for exclusive first-access to our next application period.

"Although most bootcamp graduates I knew were applying to junior developer roles, I searched instead for well-respected apprenticeship programs."

— Taylor Keazirian, Software Crafter

About the 8th Light Apprenticeship Program

Apprentices are hired in small groups to foster strong connections and offer collaborative learning environments. Each apprentice’s curriculum is tailored to their needs, pulling from a matrix of concepts, frameworks, and skills we’ve identified as integral to a successful software development career. Self-study projects, pair programming, and joining client teams are all part of a program aimed to provide a holistic understanding of delivering complex software systems.

Apprenticeships typically span five to seven months, starting with a process that matches apprentices with a team of mentors based on the unique skills and preferences of both the apprentice and the mentors. In the first four months, you’ll build skills through mentor-guided self-study, small team projects, pairing, and workshops. Then you’ll spend a month working on a client project before completing a capstone project. After you complete your apprenticeship, you’ll be promoted to crafter.

Learn more about our interview process, our benefits, and what it’s like to work at 8th Light.

Holistic Learning from a Well-rounded Curriculum

Over the course of the program, apprentices gain a foundational understanding of software development best practices, concepts, frameworks, languages, design, processes, testing, and more. With an emphasis on the importance of writing reliable and maintainable code, we cover topics such as testing, SOLID principles, and clean code. We also ensure that apprentices are prepared for client work by tailoring the end of their apprenticeship to preparation for a specific client.

8th Light Learning Outcomes Matrix Cropped

Training Program Tailored to Your Needs

  • Strong foundational knowledge
  • Software development best practices
  • Language agnostic approach
  • Diverse learning environments — from pairing to mentorship to group teamwork
  • SOLID principles
  • Testing and clean code

Phased Approach to Progress Your Learning

  • Individual, guided self-study to establish foundational concepts and expand your knowledge and skills
  • Team collaborations with other software professionals to learn together, pair on various challenges, and grow in agile project management
  • Client phase where you practice your skills, gain exposure to real-world challenges, and interact on client teams
  • Capstone project to demonstrate understanding of overarching principles, tie together concepts, and build a quality software product

Winning Culture and Team to Support the Whole You

  • Supportive global, remote-distributed team
  • Challenging, varied, and influential work
  • Continual learning opportunities to foster career growth
  • Culture to help you grow professionally and personally
  • Benefits that meet your needs