Juan Santana

Juan Santana

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Juan Santana is 8th Light’s Talent Acquisition Specialist. As a young child playing out courtroom drama scenarios, Juan has always been passionate about using his voice to advocate for others.

Juan began his career in the legal field as a Litigation Paralegal working across the criminal, civil, and nonprofit sector.

After finding new passions for technology and teaching, Juan took a shift in careers and went on to work for Apple. Juan worked with teams across retail, product operations, merchandising, and marketing — where he would later develop internal learning content for Apple’s global retail fleet.

As a career changer, Juan finds new inspiration helping others realize their passions to unlock their potential as 8th Light’s Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Juan is a native to New Jersey, currently living in the Philadelphia Metro Area. Juan earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science & Law, before completing a Masters Degree in Merchandising with a minor in Marketing.