Help Build a Different Kind of Software Company

At 8th Light, we believe in the power of shared values, interests, and future. And we know that our best innovations come from meeting challenges and creating long-lasting value together.

8th Light is entirely owned by a collection of current and former employees, and since 2014, more than 40 percent of our employees have also become owners. So yes, we take collective pride in our company, because we’ve all helped build it.

About Employee Ownership at 8th Light
8th Light’s employee ownership structure empowers everyone to invest in our team and solve our most challenging problems, together. Employee ownership allows everyone to be a part of something bigger. When we’re not pressured to create revenue for others and the rewards are distributed to the whole team, supporting that innovation helps the whole team in ways both financial and cultural, allowing us to scale.

Our Board of Directors — comprised of seven individuals elected by the owners of 8th Light every two years — supports senior management by providing culture-consistent strategic direction and by holding senior management accountable for performance against the company’s strategic goals.

Employee ownership is an important pillar in 8th Light’s culture, reinforcing our values and empowering our team to influence our company’s direction. It also supports our goals as a company by bringing everyone together to embrace the responsibility of the company's success.