8th Light Invests in Premium Remote Software Development Company, One World Coders

8th Light Invests in Premium Remote Software Development Company, One World Coders

Paul Pagel
Paul Pagel

March 17, 2020

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8th Light is pleased to announce its relationship with a new remote software development company, One World Coders.

Former 8th Light COO Doug Bradbury has launched the Africa-based company with investment and partnership from 8th Light. Joining him is Robert Rugamba, a former 8th Light Crafter who is running operations in Kigali, Rwanda.

One World Coders presents an exciting opportunity to test 8th Light’s apprenticeship model in a new context. 8th Light usually works in high-touch, on-site engagements where we can lead by example and have direct influence inside of teams. In these contexts, mentorship opportunities can come to us naturally. OWC is working to deliver our same values through remote partnerships that present different engagement models and a different labor market.

To meet these challenges, One World Coders is using 8th Light’s apprenticeship curriculum to train their new developers up to the same high standard, and are also focusing part of the apprenticeship on developing the team’s cultural intelligence (CQ). This additional skill set will help them integrate seamlessly with software teams in other parts of the world, and we believe it will allow them to find new ways to create a positive impact on team engagements that will span different cultures and time zones, and are conducted primarily via remote work.

Rwanda is an ideal place to launch this program because of its government and infrastructure, as well as a local business community that is already innovating ways to break down barriers and foster rich international partnerships.

According to the World Bank, Rwanda ranks 2nd in Africa and 38th overall on the Ease of Doing Business Index. Corruption is low, and the infrastructure is great and getting better. For these reasons, 173 international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) call Rwanda their African headquarters (Source: RGB).

There are already a number of programs in Rwanda that are working to break down barriers and foster international partnerships. Carnegie Mellon University has located its only campus outside of Pittsburgh in Kigali and continues to churn out excellent software talent. Bridge to Rwanda has built an amazing international student program that sends the best of the best in Rwanda to study abroad in the U.S. and Europe, and then return to work inside the growing local economy. One World Coders is recruiting from these organizations and others throughout Africa to bring together a team that competes on global quality.

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