Code Platoon Honors 8th Light as 2023 Partner of the Year

Code Platoon Honors 8th Light as 2023 Partner of the Year

Kate Hamilton

June 28, 2023

8th Light is honored to be recognized as Code Platoon’s Partner of the Year.

This recognition reflects a partnership that’s brought great value to both organizations, and has inspired our team to continue building and enriching the broader software community.

Code Platoon exemplifies many of our values, especially in the way they invest in hands-on education as the backbone of any successful career. The coding school is aimed at easing this transition for veterans and their spouses who are new to the software development industry. Through a 15-week course, students go from beginner to delivering full-stack web apps.

Watch to learn more about our partnership with Code Platoon.

“We’re proud to partner with Code Platoon on our shared mission of building great software by building amazing teams,” said Jenny Farver, CEO of 8th Light. “We’re inspired by Code Platoon’s commitment to continual learning and mentorship, and it’s a natural fit with 8th Light’s own tradition of apprenticeship.”

Throughout the years, our team members have helped evolve the curriculum, mentored graduates, and hosted teams and events. One alum, principal crafter Nicole Carpenter has written about building new career opportunities through our partnership, and how the team has modeled Code Platoon’s virtuous mentorship cycle after 8th Light’s own. Sometimes these cycles even overlap, as 8th Light senior crafter Charles Kubiak teaches an intro to coding course that kickstarts Code Platoon’s cycles of continuous learning.

8th Light has also benefited immensely from this partnership: eight of our current team members are Code Platoon alumni.

As the Partner of the Year, 8th Light will be recognized during Code Platoon's annual Celebrate Code Platoon event on September 21, 2023. For more information about the event or to purchase tickets, please visit

About Code Platoon

Code Platoon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Veterans, active duty Servicemembers, and military spouses transition to careers in the tech industry through an immersive coding bootcamp, mentorship, and career placement support. Since its inception, Code Platoon has empowered more than 400 individuals with the skills and opportunities to thrive in the ever-evolving technology field.

For more information about Code Platoon and its mission to empower Veterans, active duty Servicemembers, and military spouses, please visit

Kate Hamilton

Vice President of Growth

As a trained storyteller and creator, Kate Hamilton serves as 8th Light’s Vice President of Growth. Kate specializes in driving strategy, building teams and developing a lead-generating function supportive of 8th Light's growth. She helps our teams tell authentic stories about the amazing work we do with our clients and help engage prospective buyers, clients, talent, and the industry at large in compelling ways.