Difficult Decisions During the Pandemic

Difficult Decisions During the Pandemic
May 08, 2020

On Monday, 8th Light made the painful decision to do a reduction in force. The world around us has caused us to think conservatively about our future growth. We decided that to ensure the mission of the organization we needed to make some changes.

The 16 people affected were a sales executive, a west coast salesperson, a marketing manager, a lead recruiter, an executive assistant, an office admin, and 10 software developer apprentices. These are all fantastic people we enjoyed working with as colleagues.

Our apprentices are a talented group of individuals on the trajectory to become great developers. They were more than 50% through our apprenticeship curriculum. They are great learners and will be great junior teammates on a software team.

We want to use our voice and this platform to see if there are other organizations where these people may be a fit. Please reach out to us through this form if you have interest in speaking to any of these people.