Introducing 8th Light Austin

Introducing 8th Light Austin
February 19, 2020

I am thrilled to announce that 8th Light has acquired Lunar Collective, a software consultancy based in Austin, Texas.

This acquisition—along with WisdomGroup, Adorable, and Madriska—presents yet another opportunity for us to formalize our partnership with teams that we have had a history of success working with, and allows us to expand our reach to new regions within the U.S.

Mergers and acquisitions can be extremely successful, and every one of them requires an enormous amount of hard work, patience, and empathy on both sides of the table. By growing through acquisition, we develop a richer set of ideas, skills, and experiences that enrich our entire company. We believe we can have a similarly positive impact on the new communities we are joining. The end result is a stronger organization anchored in education, humanity, and ownership.

Lunar Collective’s CEO Justin Herrick has joined our team as a Project Director, and all five of Lunar Collective’s software developers have joined our team as software crafters.

We are excited to grow our team and our ability to impact clients, communities, and everyone who approaches software as craft through this sustainable strategy of growth through partnership.