Unboxing the New 8th Light Brand

Unboxing the New 8th Light Brand

Kate Hamilton

October 27, 2022

We started this year with an ambitious agenda: To reimagine a 16-year-old brand — building on a legacy of excellence, aligning to our ambitious business strategy, and establishing a brand that all of our colleagues want to see themselves in. We also wanted a look and feel that feels familiar to who we are, while remaining open to the infinite possibilities, partnerships, and opportunities ahead of us. We partnered with strategic design firm Multiple to get an objective perspective on who we are, what we value, and how to represent ourselves. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Introducing The New 8th Light

Our primary logo — as well as the larger design system — conveys a sophisticated, conceptual, and design-driven look and feel that is modern, timeless, honest, and direct. It’s meant to showcase new and multiple perspectives, as well as ideation through collaboration. Our new logo is a reference to our past, while showcasing the ways we can adapt and partner in creative and collaborative ways.

8 L new brand logos

Inspired by the Work We Do

From binary code — to the keys of a keyboard — to lines of code, the new brand logo was inspired by the very work we do. The nerdy, cool inspiration created the foundation for a brand that was built with our business in mind, while honoring its roots — and having fun while doing it.

8 L new brand inspiration

Which gives us a fun way to “connect” words to the primary mark, and inspire the ability to build hidden messages that require a little curiosity to uncover and learn what lies behind the code.

8th Light Spark

Exploring the New Website

Our new website opens with a powerful statement about who we are, and we jump right into showcasing our work. Our history of success is rooted entirely in the work we’ve done with our partners around the globe, and we want to feature these stories as a way of inspiring others to think about working with us on their next project. You’ll note big, bold images representing the industries our clients work in. This approach unlocks the ability to tell amazing and visual stories, even if our work takes place a little more behind the scenes.

8 L new website screen

Our new Careers section has also been updated to better communicate what it’s like to work at 8th Light — from benefits to employee ownership to our job listings.

And finally, we’ve zhuzhed up our old blog and converted it into this new Insights section with prominent and visual featured images. We’ve been crafting a content strategy that will provide more of what you’re looking for, whether you’re a prospective client, employee, or merely a fellow traveler who’s passionate about crafting quality software products. We want to help everyone everywhere to unlock their potential and raise the bar for how software can work for you.

The most exciting part of this rebrand for me has been the tools we’ve given our team to breathe life into our brand out in the wild. On top of new swag, we have new social media templates to share what they know, new tools to capture what our team is learning on projects, and more flexibility to open dialogue and build communities with more people who share our passions.

Our new brand is built from the fabric of our craft so it can reflect our company and evolve with our team. And we’re confident we’ve achieved this balance because when we revealed it to our team, they said, “Yes, that’s us!”

Our team is our brand — the lifeblood of our organization — and the work they do every day spreads our spark.

Kate Hamilton

Vice President of Growth

As a trained storyteller and creator, Kate Hamilton serves as 8th Light’s Vice President of Growth. Kate specializes in driving strategy, building teams and developing a lead-generating function supportive of 8th Light's growth. She helps our teams tell authentic stories about the amazing work we do with our clients and help engage prospective buyers, clients, talent, and the industry at large in compelling ways.