Accessibility in Web Development

Accessibility in Web Development

Naomi Dennis

June 24, 2022

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Web accessibility (a11y) continues to be a key need that isn’t always prioritized in web development projects. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more of our work, communication, and leisurely activities involve interacting through the internet. That shift has especially impacted those with physical disabilities or technical limitations that affect their ability to navigate everyday life.

Standards exist for these groups in mind — namely WCAG — but following these standards often are an afterthought for many businesses. Worse yet, they can be low on the priority list altogether.

In this talk, I focus on increasing accessibility through testing tools and clean code practices. The goal is to show how making applications a11y compliant can easily be incorporated into development workflows and a part of development standards.

Accessibility Evaluation Tools & Learning Resources

Additionally, I want to provide a variety of evaluation tools and learning resources for those interested in getting started. The a11y project checklist summarizes the relevance of each level of compliance and is a solid reference.

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Naomi is an 8th Light senior crafter and software developer based out of New York City with a passion for writing code that lasts. She started as an 8th Light apprentice and quickly uncovered a new way of thinking about code. From there, she’s grown as a developer to incorporate testing and delivery quality code. She also has a clear passion for cybersecurity. Learn more about Naomi and her career at 8th Light.

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