In the pursuit of greatness, we recognize that true potential is often hidden beneath layers of uncertainty. It is our goal to eliminate this uncertainty with a fair and transparent interview process.

Transparency opens the door to meaningful interactions. It also allows us to engage in candid discussions, learn from one another, and appreciate the diverse perspectives of each candidate. We cherish the stories behind the qualifications, the passions that drive innovation, and the dreams that inspire change.

We take a four step approach to assess a person’s fit for a role. Each step is carefully designed to evaluate one’s qualifications in a fair and consistent manner.

Each step of the interview process will look a bit different depending on the role and skills required.

Nonetheless, every interview process follows the same standardized framework, to ensure a consistent and fair consideration of a person’s skills and ability.

Video Screening

This step you’ll have the opportunity to meet virtually with a member of our Talent Acquisition Team for a 30-45 minute discussion. Our goal is to provide you with an understanding about 8th Light’s culture, clients, and projects. We’ll help you get acquainted with the expectations for our team members in their role, ensuring you feel aligned and motivated to succeed. There will be plenty of discussion time; feel free to ask questions.

Meet Juan

Skills Assessment (Specific Roles)

This stage provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills in an asynchronous low-pressure setting. Typically, we’ll want to understand how you approach work when given specific requirements. Not every role will include a Skills Assessment, check with your recruiter to confirm if this will be a part of your interview process.

    Face-to-Face Team Interviews

    This stage typically includes three separate interviews with different groups of stakeholders throughout the organization. Generally, you can expect:

    • An Introduction with the Hiring Manager
    • Team Panel Interview
    • Consulting & Client Leadership Interview

    Offer Presentation

    Once you successfully complete the interview process, our team gathers to discuss each stage carefully. As an employee-owned organization, our team’s agreement is critical to how we grow.

    A member of our Talent Acquisition team will share offer details, seek feedback on the process, and share initial developmental opportunities for a successful career at 8th Light. Prior to accepting an offer, we invite and encourage you to meet with our HR Manager to discuss employee benefits and perks. In addition, we can arrange coffee chats with our team to help you gain additional insight before making a decision.

    In the event you do not receive an offer, we invite you to reach out to our Talent Acquisition team for feedback on ways to progress toward a stronger candidacy in the future.

    Reach Out and Learn More

    Reach out directly to our recruiting team with questions or accommodations with your application by emailing