Create the next-generation of applications.

Harness the power of blockchain and web3 technology to propel your business with high-quality, custom solutions, proven and tested approach, and audit preparedness.


Experienced blockchain consultants

Our team of software professionals deliver high-quality on-chain solutions, including bringing craft software to the smart contract paradigm.


Custom, tailored web3 solutions

We help businesses discover and deliver custom solutions uniquely suited to their needs, leveraging blockchain and web3 technologies in a variety of ecosystems.


Proven and tested approach

The speed of innovation in this space is dizzying. Our iterative and collaborative approach is designed to minimize surprises and maximize impact, and guide how we build distributed applications.


Audit preparedness

Although standard practice in the space, audits can be expensive and daunting. Our team takes a "shift left" approach to testing and quality that prioritizes monitoring and reporting. This mindset also ensures that by the time auditors arrive, they can focus on non-trivial, non-surface items that may be more difficult to catch.

Is Web3 Right for You?

Consult with our specialists on how to tap into this emerging technology through hands-on technical expertise and development.

"Creators today need the impossible dream: A tech development firm that understands the mercurial cycles of building something new, across a paradigm shift in consumption from web2 to web3, while dealing with all the vagaries of a market shifting to figure out what’s next. For me, there is no question: 8th light is that firm."

Genevieve Thiers

Founder and CEO,

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