Congratulating 2022 Moxie Award Winner, Senior Crafter Jessica Chung

Congratulating 2022 Moxie Award Winner, Senior Crafter Jessica Chung

I’m excited and proud to share that 8th Light’s Jessica Chung was named a Moxie Award winner!

The 2022 selections were recently announced and we could not be more proud of Jessica. Jessica is based in the Chicago area, and has sparked exciting growth at 8th Light since joining 8th Light in March 2019.

The Moxie Awards are a special annual celebration of women who are likely to ascend to the pinnacle of their careers in tech — and who are already on their way. The list is curated by BuiltIn and compiles a national list of those women who have led with outsized dedication, commitment or passion. For more information on the Moxie Awards please visit BuiltIn.

Jessica’s manager, Connor Mendenhall, described her moxie in this excerpt from her nomination.

She has a knack for tracing complex issues to their root cause, and the grit to fix them for the benefit of the end user. I wish I had the dedication and skill she does for this kind of work.

Jessica also uses her moxie to empower those around her.

Jessica mentors and empowers women both as an individual mentor and an instructor in 8th Light’s apprenticeship program. As a mentor, she works one on one with the talented women in our apprentice cohorts. This is not a small commitment: it takes time, tenacity, and patience on top of her day job as an engineer and consultant. For our latest cohort, she updated our curriculum and taught a series of workshops on object oriented design.

Congratulations to our winner Jessica Chung, as well as all of the inspiring nominees.