De-Risking Data Migrations

De-Risking Data Migrations
Cloud-oriented infrastructure tools like Terraform and Kubernetes have enabled developers to write declarative code that elegantly lays out desired system states, and lets the tool delegate work down the stack as needed. These tools have been transformative, allowing developers to build elaborate but precise infrastructures. But when redesigning in-use production systems, transitioning production data into a new stack is no simple task, and modern tools struggle automating for all of a business’ use cases.

In this 8th Light University presentation, principal crafters Bill Wanjohi and Sergii Volodko explore the challenges of migrating a production system to a new solution designed with Terraform, and how a runbook helped them manage a successful migration.

Throughout the talk, Bill and Sergii present a layered understanding of infrastructure — spanning the declarative automation tools like Terraform, down to the lower-level Ansible scripts and shell commands — and explain some areas where the dominant automation frameworks provide incomplete solutions. In particular, automation tools struggle in cases where a multi-step procedure is needed to transition stateful production systems to the declared ideal. Faced with this challenge, they show how a runbook helps thread together the various approaches into a holistic, predictable, and repeatable solution.

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