Minting a Revolutionary Entertainmint Platform

Minting a Revolutionary Entertainmint Platform

Connor Mendenhall
Connor Mendenhall

December 02, 2022

For the last nine months, I’ve been helping a team to build Entertainmint, a web3 alternative to Netflix or Hulu, offering top-tier movies, web series, shorts, and documentaries. The decentralized tools allow this platform to empower and economize creators and fans alike, and we just sold out our first minting of 5,000 tickets for early backers.

8th Light has been a partner in this project from the very beginning — attending legal meetings to help the leaders understand the legalities of this space, articulating what the platform aims to accomplish, and ensuring the business plan becomes something everyone is comfortable with. They signed the contract with us before they had funding. Full disclosure: 8th Light made a financial investment in the project as part of a broader strategy to invest in products we believe in and partners that empower our teams to demonstrate our value of ownership.

Entertainmint’s founder and CEO Genevieve Thiers had worked with 8th Light previously while building, and understood the value of thoughtful design and quality software. The leadership team prioritized design as a key component for the long-term success of the product, and our team invested early to help define stories, create personas, and approach other aspects of our process in new ways.

Entertainmint is not leaving web2 behind, but integrating the technologies and educating its users in order to bridge the path for web2 natives to join web3.

In this article, I will explain how the platform works, and then provide an update on where the project is now — and how you can join in.

Entertainmint homepage

How It Works

Built around creators — from artists, filmmakers, and other creators — the platform functionality starts with show pitches that users browse. Users support the shows they’d like to see get made, and participate in the production process via exclusive perks.

Entertainmint process

“Perks” sounds quaint, but these perks hold power because the tokens that get exchanged are open abstractions where creators and fans can build unimagined opportunities. Using web3 technologies, Entertainmint enables users to be both a producer and superfans, spearheading the development of shows through sizzle reels to pilots to full-form. Tokens allow creators to connect directly with their biggest fans. And smart contracts allow creators to continue owning and earning revenue from their work directly and indefinitely.

Get Involved In What’s Next

In September, our team minted our first token: the “Neon Ticket” for the first 5,000 backers of this project, and the mint sold out in a day! This was 8th Light’s largest, full stack web3 project, and we’ve all been energized by the response.

Entertainmint also presented at the Catalyst Conference in Duluth, Minnesota. Genevieve Thiers presented the platform to a packed room, and I was there along with the team’s lead designer to meet with creators, share the brand, and talk about the project. We also premiered the first piece of content created for the site: an episode of the Crash Punks animated series. The goal of the event is to create networks of independent creators, and we all walked away excited to help more of these creators and organizers build content and communities.

If you're an independent creator interested in launching a project on the platform, sign up.