Reasons to Attend SCNA

Reasons to Attend SCNA

Paul Pagel

June 17, 2009

While there are a host of reasons to attend the Software Craftsmanship North America Conference, here’s a list of some of the best:

  1. The speaker lineup

    “The list of SCNA presenters reads like Who’s Who of Software Jedi Knighthood” —Ray Hightower

    This is a complete testament to how willing and excited the thought leaders and software masters were to speak at this conference. The creme of the crop in software mastery will be talking about how to raise the bar in our industry. I have never seen a lineup of speakers who put me in such a state of awe since the early XP Universe days. Thanks to all of them for getting together for this conference.

  2. Join software craftsmanship over crap.

    Last year Uncle Bob challenged software developers to become professionals. We have spent a year of summits, manifestos, meet ups, and conferences trying to figure out how to move forward towards professionalism with this paradigm of software craftsmanship. The momentum of craftsmanship is only growing.

  3. Software craftsmen all in one room.

    The google map of software craftsman who have signed the software craftsmanship has proven this to be a global community of software developers. It is unique that we have people flying in from multiple continents to participate. I am excited to meet face to face with all these craftsmen whom I know only their ideas and email addresses.

  4. Richard Sennett

    A sociologist who wrote The Craftsman, Dr. Sennett has provided a template for studying the habits and techniques of craftsmanship. He touches on everything from extending your concentration to why we choose vocations so passionately. It is a true authority on craftsmanship.

Paul Pagel

Chairman, Founder, and President

Paul Pagel founded 8th Light in 2006, and has been a driving force in the software development community ever since. He has grown 8th Light from a small consultancy into a brand that is recognized by software developers worldwide.