Selenium on Rails released

Selenium on Rails released

Eric Smith

September 14, 2008

Remember when I used to post here? Not that I’ve ever been prolific but there is a reason I haven’t posted in 53 days, well at least the last 30, as I’ve been hard at work preparing for my Selenium on Rails talk at Windy City Rails.

What work? Primarily releasing a new version, one that works on Rails 2.1. These are the newest features:

  • Did I mention it works in Rails 2.1? (Thanks to Ryan Bates)

  • Checkout/run tests is now possible. You don’t have to put this in the vendor/rails directory of an existing project.

  • Your config file is now stored in config/selenium.yml, so you can store it in source control. Thanks again to Ryan.

During the last month I’ve taken the official repository at OpenQA and cloned it at git. While I’ll still be maintaining the OpenQA version because I like the association with the group, I find it’s hard to get help with contributions on the site through their subversion repository.

Therefore I’ve created a github for it that will be periodically synchronized with the subversion repo. If you want to help by contribution features or patches, or you want the latest and greatest repo, head here:

Otherwise it’s still hosted at its normal location here: There’s still an old version available for Rails users that haven’t upgraded, and the instructions for installation are available as well.

Please let me know if you got feature requests for Selenium On Rails, or patches ready to go. I’m looking forward to revitalizing that project.

Eric Smith

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