Managing Dependencies on the Front End

Managing Dependencies on the Front End

Jen Udan
Jen Udan
November 30, 2021

Modern front-end development is a cornucopia of options and architectural strategies. A development team must survey the landscape and assemble a bespoke toolchain from the countless libraries, frameworks, plugins and design tools that are at their disposal. As the system expands, and scalability becomes an issue, the team might consider implementing a design system on the front end.

In her new talk, Jen Udan lays out a path forward for building an Atomic design system from the ground up with React, Typescript and Storybook. Jen explains how to architect a component library using a monorepo strategy and dependency issues that can arise and be mitigated.

Using a recent client project as a case study, Jen explores the scalability issues that led to architecting a design system monorepo, the tradeoffs when exporting multiple packages from a monorepo versus exporting a single package, and considerations for organizations scoping out and planning for design system implementation.

About Jen Udan

Jen Udan is a fullstack senior software crafter at 8th Light who has been developing mostly on the front end for the past five years. Prior to her career as a developer, she worked in marketing, advertising, copywriting and editing. Jen is passionate about feminism, social justice and building solidarity among groups in tech. In her free time, she volunteers for a nonprofit called Texas Justice Initiative, which collects visualizes data around police shootings and deaths in the state of Texas.

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