Web3 (And Why We Care)

Web3 (And Why We Care)

Web3 is a topic that often leads to more questions than answers. What tools and technologies are considered part of this ecosystem? How do they differ from web1 or web2? What advantages does web3 give us, and how can we apply lessons back to our daily work? In short, what is web3, and what is it good for?

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At a recent 8th Light University panel, three 8th Light professionals helped provide a little clarity by sharing their experiences working in web3 and what they’ve learned about this rapidly evolving landscape. They discuss what people are talking about when they mention web3, how it differs from traditional web development, and why those differences matter.

The panelists also reflect on how the principles and practices of craft software are especially well-suited for working on web3 projects, where it’s critically important to be confident in your software before adding it to an immutable blockchain. They also share recommendations on how you can start learning web3 with hands-on practice.

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About The Panel

Amanda Graham, who facilitated the panel, has been in software consulting for more than 20 years, and serves as an Account Director at 8th Light. Although she hates the term web3 and started as an extreme skeptic, she has taken an interest in the transparency, privacy, decentralized, and code-as-law aspects of the movement.

Connor Mendenhall was a Technical Director at 8th Light. He is interested in tools that tame complexity and software that centers humans.

Emmanuel Byrd was a Senior Crafter at 8th Light. He is an entrepreneur and developer that finds purpose in his craft.

Ian Gagorik is a reader, thinker and developer at 8th Light. Ian enjoys digging into new technologies to better understand how they work, and if they can solve problems in a novel way.

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Amanda Graham

Senior Director, Strategic Solutions

As an experienced software consultant, Amanda Graham has built a number of organizations from the ground up and helped numerous companies leverage technology and deliver stellar customer-focused programs.

Connor Mendenhall

Former Technical Director

As a skilled and experienced technical leader, Connor Mendenhall is adept at fulfilling various roles and responsibilities. Throughout his career, he has served as a software developer, architect, site reliability engineer, project manager, and engineering manager.

Emmanuel Byrd

Senior Crafter

Emmanuel Byrd is a former 8th Light crafter who worked on several projects involving web3 and machine learning technologies. He loves cats, competitive swimming, and plays the ukulele. He has a MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering.