Transform your digital infrastructure and drive growth.

Leverage tailored replatforming services designed to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver a superior user experience.


Spark new futures by modernizing legacy systems

Find the technology that allows your business leaders to say yes. Replace outdated or unsupported software with architecture and technologies that improve system reliability, security, and efficiency; empowering a new level of productivity.


Gain cost savings and flexibility with cloud native solutions

Judicious use and expertise in cloud infrastructure applications and data. Migrate from on-premise infrastructure or a different cloud provider to a new cloud based environment to achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and maintainability.


Aim for the future with mobile and application replatforming

Improve your app's functionality, user experience, and take advantage of new features or capabilities from different technologies and mobile platforms. Set a foundation for continuous innovation and system scalability. Learn more about investing in user experience and product analytics to promote data-driven insights within your teams through Software Design & Delivery services.


Increase productivity through business process optimization

Optimize workflows, reduce errors, minimize delays, and enhance collaboration and communication between teams by replatforming your back office, internal administration, and business operations infrastructure.

Replatform systems for streamlined operations and scalable success.

Realize improvements quickly, and continuously, by shipping and iterating against business critical milestones. Whether incrementally updating systems or embarking on a re-write, understanding stakeholder needs and a thorough technical assessment keeps replatforming initiatives aligned to business and technology goals.

Better measure and monitor application and system performance, gain insights into user behaviors, and increase maintainability by your teams. By considering system transparency in the architecture by default, replatforming can further enable data-driven decision making.

Replatforming Capabilities

"8th Light developers are valuable contributors to our teams at Cars. They have worked across our stack on many projects. 8th Light contributed to the relaunch and modernization of, which helps us innovate in new and modern ways."

Jason Sisk

Manager, Software Engineering

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