Launch delightful software products with best in class expertise.

Attain impactful business outcomes by delivering software sustainably.


Clarify and guide your roadmap with strategic thinking

Help define and refine your product vision, roadmap, and strategy. Activities include market research, competitive analysis, and using customer feedback to inform product and technology direction. We use an interdisciplinary approach to assess and define a software strategy that aligns to business goals and guides software solutions. 


Achieve superior user satisfaction, market adoption, and business performance

Leverage expertise in human-centered design practices to help you create intuitive and engaging products. Activities can include service mapping, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, and UI/UX design services.


Ship high-quality software through empowered teams

Gain predictability in product delivery by integrating product-minded, consultative teams, upskilling through modeled behaviors. Activities include agile development, continuous integration and delivery, and leveraging product-thinking to empower teams to make outcome driven development decisions.


Delight customers and gain early adoption with a solid go to market plan

Help plan and execute successful product launches. Activities include go-to-market strategies, beta program development, and launch readiness testing.


Gain transparency into your users and systems to make data-driven decisions

Provide training and guidance on using data to measure and optimize product performance. Activities include tooling selection and setup, recommending and assisting in implementation of tooling and data warehousing, adding monitoring and observability, conducting A/B testing, and training teams on using data to inform decision making.

Experts at every stage of your product development lifecycle.

Whether you’re launching a new product, looking to optimize your existing software portfolio, or looking to scale your design and development infrastructure, 8th Light meets you where you are. With tailored services offered for every stage of your company’s growth, experienced software professionals, and a passion for teaching teams side-by-side, 8th Light helps you sustainably deliver on your business outcomes.

If you give a team a fish, you feed customers for a day. If you teach a team to fish, you feed customers for a lifetime.

The best business outcomes are fueled by empowered, high functioning teams. We don’t believe in throwing the process textbook at you, that usually doesn’t work. We work within your existing processes, teams, and budget to deliver high quality software products. We work best by working side-by-side with your teams to align on business outcomes, understand problems to solve, who we are building for, and how we move forward from design to development to launch. In this way, our teams learn and grow through osmosis, building capabilities and a shared mindset by winning together. 8th Light delivers by owning outcomes, employing human-centric design and development practices, and implementing collaborative learning approaches that level up teams.

Software Product Design and Development Capabilities

"8th Light’s team was instrumental in helping us not only find a solution that worked for us, but they helped us implement that solution every step of the way."

Kevin Li

Engineering Manager

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