At 8th Light, we strive to create an interview process where everyone feels excited, welcomed, and encouraged to share their ideas and past experiences with the team.

Our hiring process is an integral part of our culture. It is also reflective of our core values — education, humanity, and ownership. We have a proud tradition of hiring talented colleagues regardless of their experience at previous companies or degrees they’ve earned.

We recognize that creating a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization begins with a fair and transparent hiring process. Here is what candidates have experienced in our previous hiring rounds:

Virtual Video Screening

The Virtual Video Screening includes a 30 minute conversation with an 8th Light Recruiter. This stage provides an opportunity for you to share your past professional experiences in addition to your motivations for pursuing a career within software development.

Have questions about the types of projects we work on, clients we serve, or perks of being an 8th Light? Don’t be afraid to ask!

Take Home Technical Assessment

Our Take Home Technical Assessment is a chance to demonstrate your abilities through building a small program in a language of your choosing. This assessment component will also require you to review a piece of source code to identify potential issues. You'll also be paired with an 8th Light mentor at this stage — allowing for feedback and the opportunity to refactor your submission.

Pairing Technical Interview

The Pairing Technical Interview will present you with an opportunity to code incrementally with an 8th Light Crafter. It’s okay if you’ve never pair programmed before. Check out these helpful tips and insights on Pairing.

Throughout the pairing exercise, do not be afraid to ask questions and seek out help from your pair if you face any blocks or challenges.

Non-Technical Consulting Interview

During the Consulting Interview, we’ll be asking you to draw from your personal experiences to tell us about a time when you exhibited a particular behavior — describing the situation, actions you took, and the outcome. The focus will be on interpersonal and consulting skills.

You also will have the opportunity to ask questions toward the end of the Consulting Interview.

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