Apprenticeships are the path to employment at 8th Light

As pioneers in the software apprenticeship movement, 8th Light was founded in 2006 by a mentor and his apprentice, and our Modern Apprenticeship Program has continued to evolve ever since.

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The Modern Apprenticeship Program

Individuals join 8th Light with a diverse range of skills and past experiences, necessitating an individualized curriculum designed to cater to their specific needs.

Our software crafters are software generalists who rotate regularly through client projects that feature new and interesting problems in a wide variety of technologies. They must be confident entering projects with substantial unknowns and comfortable asking other software crafters for help when needed. Our apprenticeship program is designed to prepare all software crafters for the challenges they will face in their day-to-day work.

An Investment In People

8th Light apprentices do not work on client projects. We are committed to building an incredible team of developers and designers, and compensate our apprentices so they can dedicate their entire focus on their education during this important phase of their career.


Mentors are training their future team members, so they are personally invested in the success of each apprentice. They seek out candidates to mentor, and curate a curriculum that is specifically tailored to their individual needs.

Mentors work closely with their apprentices to provide guidance and feedback. All 8th Light software crafters are eager to share their knowledge and help others solve problems.

All apprenticeships work toward the same goals of proficiency in applying the principles and practices of software as a craft, and gaining the collaboration and client service skills required for a long and successful career as a software consultant at 8th Light.

Apprenticeship Culture

Apprentices work alongside other apprentices and software crafters in 8th Light's open office setting. They have full access to our extensive library of books, presentations, and internal educational resources and initiatives.

In addition to writing code, apprentices augment their learning by working through an extensive list of software books and writing blog posts on a regular basis.

The culture of apprenticeship extends throughout every software crafter's career. Read more about our culture of continual learning on our Careers page.

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