Apprenticeships are the path to employment at 8th Light

We hire cohorts of paid apprentices from all backgrounds and experience levels to learn and grow into software professionals.

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Modern Apprenticeship Cohorts for Software Crafters

We hire apprentices in small groups to offer a collaborative learning environment at all levels of your employment.

At the beginning of an apprenticeship, the entire cohort participates in a week of onboarding to build connections and ensure we maintain close working relationships despite the physical distance between our teams.

Throughout the apprenticeship, your cohort will become classmates and teammates as you participate in workshops and deliver projects that introduce and reinforce new concepts.

Hands-on experience curated by working professionals

Apprentices are plugged directly into 8th Light’s culture of learning and professional development, and work alongside professionals at all different places in their careers.

You’ll complete self-study projects, you’ll work on teams with other apprentices on small projects and as a part of our Apprenticeship workshops, and you’ll join client teams to get comfortable with all the different aspects of being a consultant on large teams delivering complex software systems.

Learn the skills you need to be a software consultant

Our apprenticeship curriculum is structured around a matrix of lessons and skills we’ve identified as integral to a successful career. Each apprenticeship is unique to your needs, but they all work toward the same goals of proficiency in applying the principles and practices of software as a craft.

You’ll gain a holistic understanding of the software delivery process—from the nitty gritty technical details to the communication and project management techniques that ensure a project’s success.

Apprenticeship lengths vary, but typically last around 6 months.

Team of Mentors

Software consulting is challenging work, but you’ll have a team of experts supporting and guiding you through this journey.

Each apprentice is paired with a direct mentor who is responsible for providing guidance and feedback, and curating a curriculum that is suited for your strengths, needs, and individual learning style.

Direct mentors also rely on a constellation of support mentors to fill gaps and provide more immediate training on their specializations.

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