Video: How to Write in React by Starting with Dependency Injection

React is gaining popularity because it’s so easy to work with. As a declarative language, it works like a factory for building UI components — you tell the system what to do and it figures out how to do it. You don’t need to worry about pesky implementation details about how it deals with state.

This flexibility comes with tradeoffs though, as these implementation details become increasingly important to your system’s long-term health.

In this presentation, 8th Light senior crafter Rani Zilpelwar demonstrates how to apply software design principles to the React library. Starting with dependency injection, Rani shows how to write components that are simpler to build, simpler to refactor, and offer peace of mind that they work as expected.

About Rani Zilpelwar

Rani Zilpelwar spent over 10 years working in QA learning how to break code; and for the last two years she’s learned how to build robust, well-designed, and well-tested code as a senior crafter at 8th Light.

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