No Really, We Do that?

I’m a bit overdue on blogging, so in lieu of the normally brilliant and insightful commentary on the state of…er something…I usually put here I thought I’d share something that we at 8th Light have started doing.


Every hour. Yes I realize it’s nuts, but look at a typical day for me. Wake up too late. Rush to get ready. Get distracted by something on the computer (today it was RubyCocoa). Realize that I won’t make it to the gym in time to lift weights.

Work too late. Come home, eat, maybe help my future step-children with their homework. Suddenly it’s 10, and I haven’t worked out.

Aha—but I did 150 push-ups today. I think—I don’t actually count. Here’s how the 8th Light Fitness Plan works. Every hour, on the hour, do push-ups. We started at 10 every hour and that was pretty hard once upon a time, now we’re up to 25. Well most of us.

Today I saw two of the guys in another part of the building doing them, and I figure that if it caught on amongst 8th Light it can catch on elsewhere. After all we’re not that weird. Are we?

Eric Smith, Software Crafter

Eric Smith is a Principal Crafter at 8th Light Chicago.

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