No Really, We Do that?

I’m a bit overdue on blogging, so in lieu of the normally brilliant and insightful commentary on the state of…er something…I usually put here I thought I’d share something that we at 8th Light have started doing.


Every hour. Yes I realize it’s nuts, but look at a typical day for me. Wake up too late. Rush to get ready. Get distracted by something on the computer (today it was RubyCocoa). Realize that I won’t make it to the gym in time to lift weights.

Work too late. Come home, eat, maybe help my future step-children with their homework. Suddenly it’s 10, and I haven’t worked out.

Aha—but I did 150 push-ups today. I think—I don’t actually count. Here’s how the 8th Light Fitness Plan works. Every hour, on the hour, do push-ups. We started at 10 every hour and that was pretty hard once upon a time, now we’re up to 25. Well most of us.

Today I saw two of the guys in another part of the building doing them, and I figure that if it caught on amongst 8th Light it can catch on elsewhere. After all we’re not that weird. Are we?

Eric Smith, Developer Ambassador

Eric Smith is the Lead Instructor at 8th Light's Weirich Institute of Software.

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