Introducing The Design Studio

I'm happy to announce 8th Light's freshly re-branded design department, The Design Studio.

8th Light has always been passionate about building great software, and we believe that at the heart of great software is great design.

The design work that we do is not an accessory to software development projects, but an attribute of great software. We work on teams with developers to bring our professional skills in user experience, visual design, and front-end development to every product we build.

We hope that in sharing our skills, services, and the core values of our team, you will become much more familiar with us and what we can offer.

Please visit our Design Studio page. For more information, please contact me. Or, to speak with our Vice President of Sales Marketing, please contact Margaret Pagel. We would be delighted to work with you.

Interested in 8th Light's services? Let's talk.

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