Case Studies

8th Light cares about where you want to go and helps your people craft more intuitive, adaptive, sustainable ways of getting there. Here are a few examples of our work.

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Women Employed

Leading change for women’s advocacy through content-driven design

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Helping families find simple and reliable information about IVF clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic

A close up of a nurse's face – she's wearing a mask, presumably for protection against COVID-19.

Health Worker Data Alliance

Supporting health workers through the COVID-19 pandemic with insights into well-being

Royal Academy Museum plaza
Higher Education

Royal Academy

Helping a venerable institution adapt and thrive in the 21st century

City pictured from the sky

AXUS Travel App

Modernizing the travel industry with a revolutionary digital platform

Cannabis textural background
Consumer Goods

Harvest House of Cannabis

Building a centralized e-commerce platform to manage distributed cannabis storefronts

Apprenticeship as a service


Implementing a modern apprenticeship

Image Marketplace

Obsidian Collection Archives

Preserving Black legacy through a digital platform for archival imagery

Public Benefits

Benefit Kitchen

Helping low-income Americans discover benefits with a streamlined deployment pipeline

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