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Collaborative Craft podcast navigates the ins and outs of software design and development. Host Jerome Goodrich is joined by fellow software, design, and technology professionals to discuss their ambitious project work and gain an understanding of the ever-shifting craft of software.

As a consultant at 8th Light, Jerome has visibility into how different organizations — big, small, young, and old — navigate their technological challenges and transformations. Throughout this series, he dives into detailed and personal stories to uncover hidden complexities and discover how systems really work, and how companies really get things done.

This podcast was produced in partnership with Dante32.

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This podcast was produced in partnership with Dante32.

About the Host

Jerome Goodrich
leads amazing software teams to design and develop thoughtful solutions to complex problems as a principal software crafter at 8th Light. He loves pairing strenuous hikes with deep conversations, and is always trying to see things clearly and with an open heart. Jerome lives much of his life off of the internet, but he occasionally writes on his website.