Day Two At RailsConf

Day Two At RailsConf

Eric Smith

May 18, 2007

Hello again from RailsConf. I’ve gone through five presentations. I don’t have any enormous revelations, and no good pictures yet, but I do have some observations. I’ll do this Larry King style.

…Uncle Bob and Jim Weirich are great public speakers. I’ve seen Uncle Bob do most of the CleanCode talk before, and I’ll go again at Agile 2007…

Went for a run yesterday, Portland is quite pretty…Everyone I’ve met here has been unfailingly interesting, with nobody trying to ‘network’ just meet people like normal human beings.

Spider Man 3 was mildly disappointing …If you get a chance to download the slides from Spam I Have Known, do so. Hugely entertaining…If you add videos to your presentation it’s fun, but not as much fun as genuine enthusiasm about your topic.

Okay I can’t do that for very long, how did Larry do it for 20 years? The highlights from today would have to be three things:

  • Keynote. The tone here is very different from your typical stuffy conference, and it’s great. Chad Fowler playing the ukulele, DHH referring to ‘unicorns’, I doubt you see these at a Windows Vista conference.

  • Clean Code. Uncle Bob is a “friend of the program” as they say in college and rather closely related to my boss, so my opinion is biased admittedly, but his speech today was packed and as always well received.

  • I was beginning to think I’d have to make up something to blog today, until seeing Jim Weirich’s presentation on spam. Ruse has a really nice algorithm for detecting spam which has quite a few features but it centers around an idea so obvious you’ll wish you’d thought of it, the Tarpit.

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