How to Add a Block to a Blockchain

How to Add a Block to a Blockchain

Devlin Glasman
Devlin Glasman
March 22, 2022

Decentralized computer networks aren’t new, but they haven’t been able to gain traction in enterprise-scale use cases because of some basic tradeoffs in their architecture. Although they’ve proven successful since at least the 1980s in peer-to-peer networks and LAN messaging setups, their vulnerability to bad actors has made them a delicate choice for coordinating sensitive data such as financial, medical, or personal details.

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Created in 2008, Bitcoin’s blockchain architecture is the first popularly accepted solution to this dilemma. By leveraging cryptography, blockchains have created decentralized networks that are considered both secure and able to achieve consensus without a trusted party. This innovation has fueled massive investment in tools and technologies that are now defining a brand new developer ecosystem. And as a result, developers are learning to embrace a new paradigm of software that deviates from common assumptions about client-server architecture.

Devlin Glasman has been diving deeper into the underlying fundamentals to discover how blockchains actually work. In this presentation, he unpacks a Bitcoin blockchain to show the novel innovations, and provide a blueprint for understanding all other systems run on a blockchain.

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Devlin Glasman is a senior crafter at 8th Light. After taking an internal workshop course on coding for Ethereum, he became a bit obsessed with web3 and the blockchain.

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