Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain

The disruptive potential and explosive growth of programmable blockchains have fueled both optimism and cynicism alike. Optimists see an evolution of the read/write Web 2.0 that decentralizes ownership and empowers individual users. Cynics see hype, waste, and speculative mania.

After nearly five years of work in the Ethereum ecosystem, we’re increasingly optimistic. Web 3.0 projects have empowered us to think differently about how applications can be structured, and we’re beginning to see a coherent ecosystem that more fully embraces the Internet’s early promise of decentralization.

In this post, we’ll walk you through Web 3.0: what it is, solutions, and how we’re building the next generation of applications.


What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a set of emerging tools, technologies, and protocols for building decentralized applications. Public programmable blockchains like Ethereum, distributed filesystems like IPFS, and decentralized datastores like Ceramic are building blocks for a new class of peer-to-peer applications accessible over the Web. Check out The Architecture of a Web 3.0 Application from Preethi Kasireddy to learn more about these tools and how they complement and challenge the centralized Web.

Successful Blockchain Projects

The speed of innovation in this space is dizzying, but our underlying principles remain the same, and continue to guide our approach to building distributed applications. We’ve helped clients leverage blockchain and web3 tools in a variety of ecosystems.

Learn how we build web3 applications, the tech we use, and more about our successful blockchain partnerships on our Web3 services page.

Other Work in Web3

In addition to our client work, 8th Light crafters have also participated in a number of hackathons facilitated by ETHGlobal. Throughout these projects, we’ve gained a better understanding of decentralized applications, and how the principles and practices that we use to create quality software translate to this new ecosystem. In any paradigm, we’re well-prepared to build iteratively and incrementally, and have confidence that what we’re building will work at the end.

Ride or Die

  • Yield generating commitment contracts linked to Strava activity.
  • Tech: Solidity, Hardhat, React
  • Project showcase
  • Screenshot: Screenshot of the Ride or Die app.


  • A Notion-inspired web3 notebook app using IPFS and Ceramic.
  • Tech: Typescript, React, IPFS, Ceramic, Ethers.js, ENS
  • Demo
  • Project showcase
  • Screenshot: Screenshot of the Doxx app.


  • Smart contracts to reconstitute fractionalized NFTs as derivative works.
  • Tech: Solidity, Dapptools, Hardhat, React, useDapp, OpenZeppelin
  • Demo
  • Project showcase
  • Screenshot Defragment.art


Explore the basics of the technology and the social interactions that drive them:

Blockchain Primer

You can learn more about blockchains in our Field Guide. Published in early 2019, this downloadable PDF covers the basic concepts that made blockchains unique innovations. We establish a baseline understanding of what blockchains do well, what challenges they present, and how they’re already influencing projects around the world.

Beyond the Buzzword: Navigating the Blockchain Hype. Learn how blockchain changed the business landscape.

Interested in how 8th Light can move your Web 3.0 projects forward? Reach out!

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