How to Build Video Games With Rust

How to Build Video Games With Rust

Eric Smith

December 28, 2021

Rust is one of Stack Overflow’s most loved languages, but the hype cycle of new programming languages has rarely resonated with video game developers. Although more traditional application developers often are eager to embrace every programming language Flavor of the Week for their own purposes, the domain of game developers is so unique and well-established that they’ve stuck by the old standbys provided by C++, C#, and JavaScript.

In this presentation, Eric Smith makes the case for Rust as the first real improvement to a game developer’s toolkit. He walks through some basic tools, including rendering, structuring code, and engines. And ultimately, he demonstrates Rust’s effectiveness with a new game of his own.

Whether you’re a game developer looking for something new, or a software developer looking to dip into game development, Eric’s presentation will help you take advantage of Rust’s unique properties to craft a game development workflow you’ll enjoy.

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About Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a Principal Crafter at 8th Light with experience in Web, Mobile, and Game development. In the last two years, Eric began dedicating himself to learning Rust, frequently doing so in public at, where he began using Rust to develop small video games. This has led to the book “Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly,” in which you build an endless runner style of game from scratch, with the code written entirely in Rust. The book hits real and virtual bookshelves in early 2022 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Eric earned both his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and his Master’s of Science Degree in Video Game Development from DePaul University. You can find him talking about software, his kids and sports on Twitter @paytonrules.

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Eric Smith

Principal Crafter

Eric Smith is a fan of the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, and Bruce Springsteen; and he’s the recent author of Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly, published by Packt. Eric is a consummate polyglot, with more than a decade of experience leading development teams and delivering software for global enterprise systems. He has also delivered native Android and iOS apps at every stage of their lifecycle.