Understanding Queuing Theory and Software Performance

Understanding Queuing Theory and Software Performance

Kevin Kotowski
Kevin Kotowski
December 08, 2021

What do McDonald’s drive-thru lines, highway on-ramp metering lights, and stadium beer service all have in common with software? They’re all bound to the same laws of queuing theory.

In this talk, 8th Light’s Head of Delivery Kevin Kotowski introduces the key concepts that apply queueing theory to software, and explains the differences between terms like “system time and throughput” and “concurrency and parallelism”. Throughout this presentation, Kevin leans on these real-world examples to cut through the jargon and make these lessons more digestible for you and your team.

Kevin finishes the presentation by going a step further and outlining a systematic approach for applying these concepts to your software system. By observing telemetry latency, mapping the critical path, and improving performance on nodes along that critical path, your team can achieve impressive performance improvements.

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About Kevin Kotowski

Kevin Kotowski has been a driving force in software development and delivery across a wide range of industries and roles for more than 25 years. Currently serving as 8th Light’s Head of Delivery, Kevin helps design systems that evolve with the changing needs of a growing business. Whether providing architectural solutions or employing agile and traditional project management techniques, he focuses on how individuals connect to provide predictable yet powerful results. He has also provided fractional CTO and technical advisory services to over half a dozen companies introducing new products or scaling for growth.

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