Unlocking Potential: Our Goals For 2023

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Kate Hamilton
Kate Hamilton

January 09, 2023

We’ve never felt more optimistic about our future here at 8th Light. Building on our achievements from 2022, we’re excited to continue growing our team, partnering strategically with ambitious brands, crafting new platforms, and engaging more directly with our community.

We know that we can’t help other teams unlock their potential before we unlock our own, and that’s why we invest in our team’s personal and professional development. In this article, we’ve collected some of our team’s goals heading into the new year.

1. Foster Deeper Connections

Kim Carten

My focus is to find more ways to connect our company in this remote world.

Kim Carten, Employee Engagement Manager

In addition to planning our big in-person event last fall, Kim leads regular activities that help support and connect our distributed team, whether through Slack threads, Zoom games and events, or chair yoga meditation sessions.

2. Grow Software Expertise

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My focus for 2023 is mastering my craft and continuing the journey of mastering myself.

— MacKenzie Quinn Jetton, Apprentice

Karen Olson

Continuing to grow the skills I learned in the apprenticeship (TDD, design principles, refactoring, learning languages quickly) on my first client project to deliver high-quality code.

Karen Olson, Software Crafter

Andy Smith

While there's too many to list, near the top of the list is getting better at a functional language, such as Elixir or Clojure, and doing a personal project in one of them.

Andy Smith, Senior Crafter

Each of us at 8th Light is on an endless journey of learning and growth, which we bake into our systems. For her first client project, Karen will be joining a team with other 8th Light professionals who’ve already been working alongside her and helping prepare her for success in the new role. MacKenzie has a team of 2-3 mentors, along with an apprentice cohort, to continually provide inspiration and support; and more experienced crafters like Andy have a Learning & Development budget that provides time and money to dive deeper into new topics outside of client commitments.

3. Lean into Strengths

Nicole Carpenter

I need to do a better job with time management. I'd love to be able to learn how to better focus on tasks when I need to, so that I don't have so much wasted time during my days.

Nicole Carpenter, Principal Crafter

Confronting our weaknesses often allows us to uncover new strengths. This year, many of us are prioritizing our time and setting boundaries that empower us to unlock new parts of ourselves, and deliver the greatest impact for our partners in the time we have together.

4. Celebrate Accomplishments

Eric Smith

Letting people know I published a book.

Eric Smith, Principal Crafter

Eva PenzeyMoog

Continuing to educate fellow designers and technologists on how tech facilitates interpersonal harm as well as continuing to build out the financial and product management apps for my client!

Eva PenzeyMoog, Principal Designer

We’re excited for a big year at 8th Light, and we have plans to share what we know in more ways, and more often. Make sure to sign up for the 8th Light Newsletter, join our Talent Community newsletter, subscribe to 8th Light University and Collaborative Craft, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our news and views on crafting ambitious, quality software programs.

Your Goals For 2023

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? Tag us on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook letting us know what you’re prioritizing, and how you’re investing in your own success.