What Sparked Our Joy In 2022

What Sparked Our Joy In 2022

Kate Hamilton
Kate Hamilton

January 05, 2023

At 8th Light, 2022 turned out as a really successful year. We hired new professionals from new places, partnered at a strategic level with globally influential brands while growing our community partnerships, and launched a new brand look and feel. All of this work laid the foundation for some of the exciting ways we’re planning on growing our impact in 2023.

We've achieved a lot together, and a few of our colleagues took a moment to reflect on the year and share an achievement they’re most proud of.

Kim Carten

Companywide Connect in Chicago event

Kim Carten, Employee Engagement Manager

Many of us are still finding our sea legs in the “new normal” as a remote workforce, and this year, we scheduled an in-person event where more than 100 members of our team converged on our Chicago office for a long weekend. It was cathartic and inspiring, and left everyone feeling more connected and excited to work together. In addition to a few inspiring presentations and workshops, the program also included a bus tour of Bronzeville, an architecture tour at night on the Chicago River, and the unveiling of our new brand.

Karen Olson

Completed the apprenticeship!

Karen Olson, Software Crafter

Karen was one of 14 members of our 2022 cohorts, who spent most of the year preparing themselves to do their best work for our clients in the coming year. Our new team members are spread out from Utah to London, with stops in Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, and New York. Read more about our apprenticeship program.

Eric Smith

Published a book!

Eric Smith, Principal Crafter

As one of our most experienced and longest-tenured 8th Lights, Eric continues to inspire us with his passion for not just learning new things, but making those lessons more accessible to others. This was exemplified by his new book, book — Game Development with Rust and WebAssembly, published by Packt — which merges Eric’s passions between video games and web development. He spoke more about his book on our Insights page and in an 8th Light University.

Eva PenzeyMoog

Working with Google's Trust and Safety UX Team on understanding how tech facilitates interpersonal harm

Eva PenzeyMoog, Principal Designer

Eva published a book in 2021, and in 2022, she followed a wave of praise by giving even more direct support with an impressive list of clients. Through presentations and more hands-on workshops, she has helped international and influential organizations instill more thoughtful and inclusive designs in their product strategy and software systems.

The M spark stands in as an author photo.

I am most proud of my success in my ongoing battle with chronic illness such that I am now gainfully employed as a professional.

— MacKenzie Quinn Jetton, Apprentice

Nicole Carpenter

I became a homeowner and have put together a very comfortable space for myself

Nicole Carpenter, Principal Crafter

At 8th Light, we know you're only capable of doing your best when you're feeling comfortable and safe. And with that, we end the year of content at 8th Light with a toast to investing in yourself, and for more hygge vibes in your future.

What sparked your joy in 2022?

What will you remember from the year, and what are you bringing with into 2023? Tag us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook letting us know what you're most proud of from 2022!