Connor Mendenhall

Connor Mendenhall

Former Technical Director

As a skilled and experienced technical leader, Connor Mendenhall is adept at fulfilling various roles and responsibilities. Throughout his career, he has served as a software developer, architect, site reliability engineer, project manager, and engineering manager.

Connor often takes on multiple roles on a single project, working closely with clients in a variety of industries to deliver modern and performant web and mobile applications. Connor has helped deliver innovative backends to support applications at scale, led multiple delivery teams, designed and delivered complex environments, and helped migrate existing applications.

As an expert in web3, Connor also led the development of a number of projects leveraging blockchain technologies, including building a performant smart contract data access layer for a major organization in the DeFi space. He led the design and execution of an internal web3 training program, and helped team members participate in numerous industry hackathons.

Connor has worked as an individual contributor on projects in health care, insurance, and financial services; and is skilled in technologies and languages that include: Ansible, AWS, Clojure, Django, Python, Ruby on Rails, Terraform, Docker, Go, GraphQL, Java, Javascript, Lambda, Node, React, Rust, and Typescript. He graduated summa cum laude with honors from the University of Arizona.