Spark higher quality outcomes with expert guidance.

Unlock your business' potential by aligning software products to valuable outcomes.


Holistic product strategy and development

Every company faces unique challenges, and the software it relies on should be tailored specifically for those constraints. Gain a strategic perspective and an expert precision as you solidify your products and systems to advance your business.


Implementation and mentorship from trusted experts

Tools and technologies change rapidly. Gain a trusted partner to implement a new tool or technology, shore up integrations, and upskill in-house teams that already know your business.


Discover how your business can level up

Build systems that accentuate what you’re good at, drive efficiency, and spend less time working around suboptimal software solutions. Let your innovations reinforce your product or system’s health with scalable approaches to agile practices like test-driven development, continuous product discovery, and iteration.


De-risk your runway and chart a path toward a better system today

Successful change requires buy-in and follow-through at all levels, and it should be reinforced and supported in every corner. Leverage cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams to spark and implement successful change via buy-in and follow through at all levels.

Cultivating Tomorrow's Software Team

Through continual learning and collaborative partnership, president and founder Paul Pagel believes we can build better, more productive, and more engaged software teams which in turn design and deliver higher quality software solutions.

Maximizing Software Development Through an Agile, Iterative Approach

Empowered teams leverage tight feedback loops with stakeholders and customers throughout the design and development process.

Our team can help you:

  • Develop custom, quality web and mobile applications
  • Build modern, engaging user interfaces
  • Improve software architecture
  • Develop predictable process for reliable delivery
  • Deploy frequently and reliably
  • Resolve bugs with fixes that last

Software Development Capabilities

  • API Development
  • Application Architecture
  • Blockchain and Blockchain Support and Applications
  • Content Management System Integration
  • Ecommerce Platform Development
  • Enterprise Software
  • Front-end Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Third-party Integrations
"8th Light developers are valuable contributors to our teams at Cars. They have worked across our stack on many projects. 8th Light contributed to the relaunch and modernization of, which helps us innovate in new and modern ways."

Jason Sisk

Manager, Software Engineering


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