We believe software is a craft born out of practice.

Through our committed practice, we unlock potential to bring extraordinary ideas to life.

As consultants, we don’t shy away from tackling ambitious projects that can revolutionize industries, change lives, and make a lasting impact.

8th Light is a team of developers, designers, teachers, learners, users, collaborators, and leaders.

We’re crafters, so we care about everything we create, building with integrity and in sustainable ways. And we find and nurture talent differently, prioritizing curiosity and creativity over credentials. By exemplifying the values of humanity, education, and ownership in everything we do, our crafters help clients master the challenges in front of them while building great opportunity ahead.

BuiltIn 2024 Best Places to Work

8th Light is a unique software design and development company, one that accelerates personal growth through challenging and influential work, a supportive culture, and transformative outcomes.


A shared drive allows us to redefine possibilities in software.

We care about everything we create, building with integrity and in sustainable ways, and we find and nurture talent differently, prioritizing curiosity and creativity over credentials. Our passions are driven by our collective values of: Education, Humanity, and Ownership.


There is value to being challenged, supported, and inspired.

Get challenged, supported, and inspired by your team, your client projects, and your community. We’re passionate about creating a culture that cares for the whole person. And our competitive benefits packages help us foster an environment where everyone grows professionally and personally.

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Our apprenticeship program has been the spark of our success since day one.

A program designed to allow us to hire people who are wired for collaboration and ingenuity, no matter their background, the apprenticeship curriculum is structured around a matrix of lessons and skills we’ve identified as integral to a successful software career. Apprentices are hired in small groups to help foster strong interpersonal connections, and participants gain a holistic understanding of the delivery process through self-study, through small team projects, and by joining larger client teams.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion make us all better.

Join a team of fearless developers, visionary designers, inspiring teachers, lifelong learners, passionate users, collaborative minds, and trailblazing leaders. We defy norms, nurturing talent in a way that sets us apart. Curiosity and creativity take precedence over mere credentials because we believe that true innovation thrives in the minds that dare to question and imagine beyond the horizon.

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A remote-first culture reflects our belief in work-life integration.

Enjoy the freedom to work from your ideal environment — from bustling city to serene mountain retreat. Whether you’re at home or in the office, our remote-first team has redefined boundaries of what's achievable. Time zones may separate us, but they do not deter us. Through virtual connections that transcend borders, we've built a family of innovators who are not only experts of their craft but also experts of adaptability. 


With collective pride, we revel in knowing every voice, idea, and endeavor shapes our future.

At 8th Light, we believe that every journey is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting your dream career. We embrace the exhilarating freedom to carve your path, and we're here to champion your individual growth. In 2014, we ignited a spark that transformed our company into more than just a workplace; it became a thriving ecosystem anchored by employee ownership. Since then, more than 23% of our people have taken ownership of their destiny, becoming stakeholders in the vision we all breathe life into.

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