Micah Martin

Reflection on Hangman

Last week concluded the Hangman Ruby Sparring Tournament. Unlike the previous Battleship Tournament, I put the effort in to write a competitive hangman player (of...more.

Hangman Tournament

Several months ago, I hosted the Ruby Battleship Tournament. It was an all-round fun event where craftsmen sharpened their claws and pitted their skills against...more.


You remember the classic Simon game, right? The one where the electronic devise will blink a color and make a sound that you have to...more.

Tag! I'm it!

David Chelimsky has tagged me with this “chain-blog.” I have enjoyed reading other peoples’ stories and I thought I would take the time to share...more.

Announcing Limelight

I’m pleased to announce the open source Limelight project: A thin client and application framework written in Ruby (JRuby). Check it out at https://github.com/slagyr/limelight. https://github.com/slagyr/limelight...more.

Ruby DSL Blocks

There’s a common pattern I’ve seen for developing DSL in Ruby. It’s used in RSpec, the Statemachine Gem, and Unclebob’s Clean Code talk at RailsConf...more.


BOC is a testing pattern that Unclebob briefly mentioned on fitnesse.org shortly after it was published. It describes the typical steps taken in an automated...more.

Got Real?

I heard about the Getting Real workshop from a good friend who is a web designer/developer. We used to talk some time ago about using...more.

Paper Bullet

Work has me visit lots of software teams around the world. This past week I visited a particularly fun team. They worked in a large...more.

Buffer to the Rescue

Recently I was working on FitNesse to solve the problem of large file uploading and downloading. Previously when a file was downloaded FitNesse would happily...more.

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