8th Light Studio Logo | Agile Web Development Services & Custom Software Applications

Startup Software Development

Transform your current system with the aid of our experts.

  • Funded startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Build and launch a product at your own pace.
  • Companies ready to craft solutions.
8th Light Consulting Logo | Custom Software Development & Collaboration

Software Development Partnership

Construct custom software following our proven processes.

  • Medium and large companies.
  • Small companies with big software needs.
  • Companies with existing systems or development teams.
8th Light Training Logo | Software Development Education & Learning

Software Training Services

We provide high-quality training for individuals, small groups, and full development teams.

  • Long-term dedicated in-class instruction.
  • Short-term group training for development teams on specific topics.
  • Launch an Apprenticeship Program internally.

Our Skills & Expertise

As a growing team of software crafters and designers, we have many unique skills and are passionate about several different technologies, both individually and collectively. Here are just some examples of ways we can use our expertise to provide value to your project.

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Software Deployment

Professionally handled deployments on any platform.

Scaling & Performance

Robust systems that grow with your needs.

System Architecture

Expert advice and pragmatic design.

Web Application Development

Expertly crafted and delivered on time, with Ruby, Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, Clojure, and more.

Mobile App Development

Comprehensive iOS, Android, and HTML5 applications.

Embedded Development

Custom applications for any device.


Protect your data and application from harm.

Identity Creation

A complete, custom brand for your business.

User Testing

Time-appropriate feedback from real users.

Custom Website Design

Simple, clean, and fluid web interfaces.

Front-end Development

Organized, modular, semantic HTML, and CSS.

Mobile Interface Design

Beautiful iOS and Android user interfaces.