Helping families find simple and reliable information about IVF clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic

Helping families find simple and reliable information about IVF clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic




When the COVID-19 pandemic limited hospital capacity, ConceiveAbilities needed a way to gather and display data about IVF clinic availability without writing any code themselves.


We rapidly developed a new website and CMS that allows ConceiveAbilities to crowdsource and display data about the availability of IVF clinics in different areas.


Despite the constant stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, surrogates and potential families can easily browse the IVF Clinic Finder website to get accurate data about their options, and help crowdsource additional information.

ConceiveAbilities is a Chicago-based egg donation and surrogacy agency that matches surrogates with potential families. Like every other company in the health-care industry, their plans were thrown for a loop with the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the changing logistics of their own business, their customers are all at different stages of starting or growing their families, and are suddenly faced with even more uncertainty in their journey.

Based on the guidance of various medical professionals, and inspired by similar crowd-sourcing efforts, ConceiveAbilities decided to build a website to display crowdsourced data and provide a simple, clear picture about the availability of egg donation and surrogacy services near them.

Without any technical staff, they also needed to be able to maintain and update this solution without writing any code.

The ConceiveAbilities website appears on an iPad Pro.

8th Light’s team developed an MVP website that shares a scale of availability for a list of partner clinics. We built the system with Netlify CMS to strike a balance between something simple enough for their non-technical stakeholders to manage and update on their own, while still allowing more flexibility in the backend code than a common platform like WordPress in case they decide to continue building on this product after the current pandemic passes.

The website’s data is populated manually, based on results from a survey ConceiveAbilities sent directly to each of their partner clinics. 

8th Light’s Managed Software Services team has continued to build on this MVP. We embedded a SurveyMonkey form to allow ConceiveAbilities to gather more data from additional sources. We are also developing a Google Maps integration that lets users type in their address and find the nearest available clinic.

I wanted to personally thank you again for all of your hard work on Because of this work during the pandemic, when access to reproductive treatment and care was severely restricted, we had the ability to reach patients who needed access to care and resources. Thank you for making this possible!

Nazca Fontes, CEO of ConceiveAbilities

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