Meet the 8th Light Team

Our expertise drives results, and we create solutions that endure. Meet our team below.

Aaron Lahey, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Aaron Lahey

Software Crafter

Alexandru Codreanu, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Alexandru Codreanu

Software Crafter

Amelia Suchy, Office Management | 8th Light

Amelia Suchy

Office Management

Anda Cabrera, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Anda Cabrera

Software Crafter

Becca Nelson, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Becca Nelson

Resident Apprentice

Bjorn Johnson, Software Craftsperson | 8th Light

Bjorn Johnson

Software Craftsperson

Breanna Reader, Operations Admin | 8th Light

Breanna Reader

Operations Admin

Brian Nystrom, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Brian Nystrom

Software Crafter

Brian Pratt, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Brian Pratt

Software Crafter

Byron Woodfork, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Byron Woodfork

Software Craftsman

Cat McLoughlin, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Cat McLoughlin

Software Crafter

Chris Jordan, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Chris Jordan

Software Craftsman

Chris Peak, Designer | 8th Light

Chris Peak


Christoph Gockel, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Christoph Gockel

Software Craftsman

Colin Jones, Chief Technology Officer | 8th Light

Colin Jones

Chief Technology Officer

Connor Mendenhall, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Connor Mendenhall

Software Crafter

Craig Demyanovich, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Craig Demyanovich

Software Crafter

Cyrus Vandrevala, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Cyrus Vandrevala

Resident Apprentice

Daisy Mølving, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Daisy Mølving

Resident Apprentice

Damon Kelley, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Damon Kelley

Software Crafter

Daniel Irvine, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Daniel Irvine

Software Crafter

Dariusz Pasciak, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Dariusz Pasciak

Software Craftsman

Dave Moore, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Dave Moore

Director of Software Services

Dave Torre, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Dave Torre

Software Crafter

Diana Calvache, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Diana Calvache

Software Crafter

Doug Bradbury, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Doug Bradbury

Director of Software Services

Elizabeth Engelman, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Elizabeth Engelman

Software Crafter

Emmanuel San Miguel, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Emmanuel San Miguel

Software Crafter

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen

Software Craftsman

Eric Meyer, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Eric Meyer

Software Craftsman

Eric Smith, Director of Training Services | 8th Light

Eric Smith

Director of Training Services

Erica Garcia, Designer | 8th Light

Erica Garcia


Eva PenzeyMoog, Designer | 8th Light

Eva PenzeyMoog


Fabien Townsend, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Fabien Townsend

Resident Apprentice

Felipe Seré, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Felipe Seré

Software Craftsman

Geoff Shannon, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Geoff Shannon

Software Craftsman

Georgina McFadyen, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Georgina McFadyen

Software Crafter

Ginny Hendry, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Ginny Hendry

Software Crafter

Hailey Fasse, Administrative Assistant | 8th Light

Hailey Fasse

Administrative Assistant

Haley Lyjak, Administrative Assistant | 8th Light

Haley Lyjak

Administrative Assistant

Hana Lee, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Hana Lee

Resident Apprentice

Jake Nations, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jake Nations

Software Crafter

James Christie, Software Crafter | 8th Light

James Christie

Software Crafter

Jarkyn Soltobaeva, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jarkyn Soltobaeva

Software Crafter

Jason Goodman, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jason Goodman

Software Crafter

Javier Trevino Saldana, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Javier Trevino Saldana

Software Craftsman

Jayden Sung, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Jayden Sung

Software Craftsman

Jeff Ramnani, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jeff Ramnani

Software Crafter

Jerome Goodrich, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Jerome Goodrich

Software Crafter

Jim Suchy, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Jim Suchy

Director of Software Services

Justin Holzmann, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Justin Holzmann

Resident Apprentice

Kevin Buchanan, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kevin Buchanan

Software Crafter

Kevin Kotowski, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kevin Kotowski

Software Crafter

Kevin Liddle, Software Craftworker | 8th Light

Kevin Liddle

Software Craftworker

Kevin Zolkiewicz, Journeyman Design Apprentice | 8th Light

Kevin Zolkiewicz

Journeyman Design Apprentice

Kim Carten, Executive Administrative Assistant | 8th Light

Kim Carten

Executive Administrative Assistant

Kim Chovanec, Marketing Intern | 8th Light

Kim Chovanec

Marketing Intern

Kirby Bryant, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kirby Bryant

Software Crafter

Kofi Gumbs, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kofi Gumbs

Software Crafter

Kristin Kaeding, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Kristin Kaeding

Software Crafter

Kyle Sparks, Writer | 8th Light

Kyle Sparks


Li-Hsuan Lung, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Li-Hsuan Lung

Software Crafter

Lisa Hamm, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Lisa Hamm

Software Crafter

Makis Otman, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Makis Otman

Software Craftsman

Malcolm Newsome, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Malcolm Newsome

Software Crafter

Malina Tran, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Malina Tran

Resident Apprentice

Margaret Pagel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing | 8th Light

Margaret Pagel

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mateu Adsuara, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Mateu Adsuara

Software Crafter

Matthew Higgins, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Matthew Higgins

Software Crafter

Mike Danaher, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Mike Danaher

Software Crafter

Mike Ebert, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Mike Ebert

Director of Software Services

Mike Jansen, Vice President of Operations | 8th Light

Mike Jansen

Vice President of Operations

Mike Knepper, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Mike Knepper

Software Crafter

Mollie Stephenson, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Mollie Stephenson

Resident Apprentice

Myles Megyesi, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Myles Megyesi

Software Crafter

Nathan Walker, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Nathan Walker

Software Craftsman

Nick Dyer, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Nick Dyer

Software Craftsman

Nicole Carpenter, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Nicole Carpenter

Resident Apprentice

Nicole McCabe, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Nicole McCabe

Software Crafter

Noah Rogers, Designer | 8th Light

Noah Rogers


Paul Pagel, Chief Executive Officer | 8th Light

Paul Pagel

Chief Executive Officer

Priya Patil, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Priya Patil

Resident Apprentice

Rabea Gleissner, Software Craftswoman | 8th Light

Rabea Gleissner

Software Craftswoman

Ray Hightower, Director of Software Services | 8th Light

Ray Hightower

Director of Software Services

Richard Cheng, Journeyman Apprentice | 8th Light

Richard Cheng

Journeyman Apprentice

Rob Mulholand, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Rob Mulholand

Software Crafter

Robert Gu, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Robert Gu

Software Crafter

Robert Looby, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Robert Looby

Software Crafter

Ryan Verner, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Ryan Verner

Software Craftsman

Sarah Johnston, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Sarah Johnston

Software Crafter

Sarah Sunday, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Sarah Sunday

Software Crafter

Spencer Carvill, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Spencer Carvill

Software Crafter

Stephen Walker, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Stephen Walker

Software Crafter

Steve Kim, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Steve Kim

Software Crafter

Sylwia Olak, Software Craftsperson | 8th Light

Sylwia Olak

Software Craftsperson

Taka Goto, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Taka Goto

Software Crafter

Tom Kowal, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Tom Kowal

Software Craftsman

Tom McGee, Resident Apprentice | 8th Light

Tom McGee

Resident Apprentice

Tony Baik, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Tony Baik

Software Craftsman

Tyler Decker, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Tyler Decker

Software Crafter

Uku Täht, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Uku Täht

Software Crafter

Vincent Storme, Software Crafter | 8th Light

Vincent Storme

Software Crafter

Zach Olauson, Software Craftsman | 8th Light

Zach Olauson

Software Craftsman

Zachary Davy, Software Craftsperson | 8th Light

Zachary Davy

Software Craftsperson