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Meet our Leadership Team

  • Carmen Zayas

    Carmen Zayas

    VP of People

  • Jenny Farver

    Jenny Farver

    co-Chief Executive Officer

  • Kate Hamilton

    Kate Hamilton

    VP, Growth Marketing

  • Melanie Murphy

    Melanie Murphy

    Director of Business Development

  • Paul Pagel

    Paul Pagel

    co-Chief Executive Officer

  • Rich Bartell

    Rich Bartell

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Rich Feller

    Rich Feller

    Vice President, Client Service

    Board Members

    • Fred Lee

      Fred Lee


      CTO, Amount

    • Brad Ediger

      Brad Ediger

      Head of Technology, 8th Light

    • Carl Erickson

      Carl Erickson

      Executive Chairman and Founder, Atomic Object

    • Chris McGowan

      Chris McGowan

      Partner, CJM Ventures
      Adjunct Professor, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    • Jenny Farver

      Jenny Farver

      co-Chief Executive Officer, 8th Light

    • Shontra Powell

      Shontra Powell

      Owner Red Zone Fleet Services LLC, Principal Advisor SPowellCo LLC

    • Tari Haro

      Tari Haro

      Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Erie Street

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