Eric Smith

Pointers, Schmointers

I'm writing this blog from the train, my head hung in shame. I'm taking a course in Game Optimization and today something exceptionally embarrassing happened....more.

Clean This Code

If you follow me on twitter @paytonrules you’ve probably seen me griping at various times about writing a testing framework for Objective-C. I’m currently writing...more.

Announcing chiPhone

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the creation of chiPhone, the Chicago iPhone developer’s group, with our first meeting on July 23rd at 6:30....more.

Erlang and the OCP

OCP was defined in 1988 in Bertrand Meyer’s book “Object Oriented Software Construction” as follows: “Modules should be both open (for extension and adaptation) and...more.

Chirb Presentation

I gave a Chirb presentation last night on RubyCocoa, which went reasonably well. I’ve presented the slide here. Please be aware that the slides may...more.

Test Driven Debugging

I hate debugging. Loathe it, despise it, pick your synonym and I’ll use it. Computer programming is building something out of nothing, making the computer...more.

A Snob

A little more than six years ago I started my first, and hopefully last, job at a massive cubicle farm. On my first day I...more.

Day Two At RailsConf

Hello again from RailsConf. I’ve gone through five presentations. I don’t have any enormous revelations, and no good pictures yet, but I do have some...more.

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